Bedroom Sets (With Bed Base)

Box Spring Bedroom Sets both contribute to the bedroom decor and serves as storage. Contact us for durable bases.

While the box spring bedroom sets represent elegance in bedroom decorations, they also serve as a storage in the bedrooms. For this reason, box spring bedroom sets are used in small room decorations, where home decorations have become minimal and houses are reduced in size.

Box Spring Bedroom Sets have many advantages!

Box spring bedroom sets, which are not limited to being used only with adult bedroom sets, can also be used with teenager bedroom sets. In this way, it provides a useful environment in both areas.

Prada Box Spring Bedroom Sets

Base Bedroom Sets Have Become The Most Favorite Among Bedroom Decor Products.

Since the bedroom decorations with box springs constitute the most preferred bedroom decoration ideas recently, as Polo Mobily, bedroom decoration with storage is at the forefront of the bedroom sets that we sell and design the most.

Lima Box Spring Bedroom Set 

When it is foreseen that we are one of the best furniture brands in Turkey in Masko Mobilya Kenti, as Polo Furniture, we produce the most successful bedroom sets and present them to you. You can visit us for durable bed base models and bed room sets.

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