About Us

Polo Furniture, which has a history of nearly half a century in the furniture sector and has developed itself with its structure coming from the core of the furniture industry, continues to grow with its customers day by day. We welcome you to the Polo family, which grows every day with its employees and customers.


Those who prefer custom-designed furniture, Polo Furniture with it's aesthetic touches without compromising the quality of the furniture offers comfort to their customers. We take care of every piece of furniture we sell as if it was our first production, and we support the furniture we sell. We consider every customer who chooses us as a member of the Polo Furniture family and we always continue to provide service with our after-sales service team.


To grow as one of the furniture companies that make a difference in Turkey's furniture design. While growing, offering the most beautiful, the most aesthetic, the most ergonomic, the best quality, the most magnificent and the simplest furniture options without sacrificing quality and aesthetic touches, is the main building block of our vision.


Polo Furniture, which has adopted the principle of product quality, innovation and consumer-oriented service with its collections that it develops every year, has become a trend pioneer in the furniture industry.

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